Starting Your Creamery

Strategies For Starting Your Creamery

Three keys to success:

  • Sell value added products
  • Package in single serving containers
  • Sell directly to the consumer

Of course you do not have to do all three of these things, but any combination of these will increase your odds for success.


Two requirements for success:

  • You need to have someone on your team who is comfortable telling the story of your small dairy and why your product is worth more. It’s much easier to make your business profitable if you tell that story well.
  • It is not possible to make great dairy products if your equipment and facility are not clean! You have to have someone on your team who either loves to clean or will clean whether they love to or not.

Free advice for success:

  • Since we deliver the equipment, we have been blessed to see a lot of different facilities and can assist you with facilities planning. (Also see Additional Resources)
  • We have the greatest customers in the world. They keep giving us ideas for new products and new ways to use existing products. From these, we have collected lots of ideas to enhance your marketing programs.
  • We love to brainstorm; in fact my wife says I love nothing more than an excuse, any excuse, to talk about small-scale dairying. This contributes to finding innovative, creative and cost-effective ways to help customers reach their dreams.
  • I have lots of opinions, and I don’t charge for them, so they may be worth what you pay for them 🙂 but…