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Additional Dairy Resources and Plans

Regulatory Resources:


Construction Requirements:

– Utility Requirements – Generation 3 – pdf: .104 mB


Sample Layouts For A Variety of Processing Systems:

Listed below are some sample equipment layouts for different system components and configurations. Our systems have been installed in facilities of many different sizes and shapes, so if a different layout would make more sense in your processing room there is considerable layout flexibility, but perhaps these samples will give you some ideas and we trust they will be of some value in your planning.

Several of the layouts include 3D pdf Models. 3D models allow you to spin, rotate, zoom in and out to provide a more detailed perspective of the layout. For viewing 3D pdf Models we have had the best success with the following settings…your mileage may vary.

  • Set Model Render Mode to “Shaded Illustration”
  • Set Lighting to “CAD Optimized Lights”




Old Springhouse Farm – A complete On-farm Dairy Processing System On a 04 Foot x 50 Foot Trailer:

Old Springhouse Trailer – pdf: .756 mB


Design Concepts for a Mobile Dairy:


Pasteurization Equipment in a Shipping Container:

Processing Room in Shipping Container

Processing Room with 100 Gallon Vat

Processing Room with 100 Gallon Vat

Refrigerated Storage Area with Overhead Door for Unloading

See Don’s Dairy Supply for more information.

Reprint From CreamLine Magazine – MicroDairy Design’s Design Philosophy:

MicroDairy Designs’ Ecoflex Packager – pdf: .362 mB **Prices in this reprint are not current**


Other information on our products: