MicroDairy Designs Pumps

Our peristaltic tube pump is the most sanitary pump on the market because the milk never touches the pump.  The product is completely contained within the tube.  We use the pump for pumping raw milk into the vat, pumping milk out of the vat, for filling bottles and yogurt cups, for drawing whey out of the vat while making cheese and occasionally for water circulation during heating and cooling.

The tubing is 3-A approved, NSF (National Sanitary Foundation) approved, FDA approved and Peristaltic Pump Manufacturer Approved.

Single Head 3 GPM Pump


Dual Head 5 1/2 GPM Pump

Dual Head 5 1/2 GPM Pump


Cleaning the tubing:

One of the benefits of this system is that it is so easy to clean the tubing.  Just put both ends of the tubing in a container with the appropriate cleaning and sanitizing agents and turn the pump on.